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Mar 22, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateQuaraintine : What are you all doing?1   
Mar 19, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateRed Flags1   
Mar 8, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateSo…how long do you plan on fucking around-😁1   
Mar 5, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateTired of being lonely and single1   
Mar 3, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateAre you finding that.....1   
Mar 3, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateTreading New Waters1   
Dec 24, 2019REAL WHITE LADIES 4 BBCWhat Turns you on dealing with a white woman1   
Dec 16, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateWhats your goal with this site?1   
Nov 2, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHow long do you wait before…1   
Oct 25, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateDick pics poll4   
Oct 16, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHow important is eye contact during sex?1   
Oct 6, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateI know I am stereo typing but.....1   
Oct 1, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateRisky Business1   
Sep 22, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateDealbreakers1   
Sep 3, 2019Discrete Fun with Mature BBW'sWhere is everyone at?1   
Sep 1, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateTwo-part question:1   
Aug 20, 2019REAL WHITE LADIES 4 BBCoral or not1   
Aug 11, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateThe indications…1   
Aug 5, 2019Married, Wanting More-Tristate"I would do anything for............1   
Jul 16, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateGame Time-you can only pick one…1   
Jul 16, 2019White BBW's & Blk MenSlow Long Strokes or Quick Short Strokes??1   
Jul 15, 2019White BBW's & Blk MenAss or Titties Baby1   
Jul 9, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHave you learned anything pschological from casual sex?1   
Jul 1, 2019Married, Wanting More-Tristatelooking for a little help from my MWM family2   
Jul 1, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateFucking by association4   
Jun 11, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateI've been changed for the better...1   
Jun 4, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateVery important to keep in mind that…2   
May 25, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateIn search of perfect?1   
May 5, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateIf you're spoiled, sexually…1   
Apr 21, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateThere's nothing worse than...1   
Apr 15, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateWho else has been caught…2   
Apr 4, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateWhat do you prefer?1   
Feb 7, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateFirst meet1   
Feb 7, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHow much is too much porn?1   
Jan 3, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateNEW MEMBERS POST HERE FIRST : Introducing....1   
Dec 31, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenHoliday affect!6   
Dec 22, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenIs social media destroying women?1   
Dec 17, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenTo what extent do you sacrifice or compromise your livelihood7   
Dec 16, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenWhatcha See is Whatcha Get1   
Dec 6, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenWhat am I doing wrong?1   
Nov 25, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenHow do y’all find people in your area that are real and willing to meet?1   
Nov 6, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenIs withholding sex from your partner grounds for them to go out and have sex with others?1   
Oct 26, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenWhat are the chances?1   
Oct 26, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenWhat gets You goin?1   
Aug 3, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenShowoff or Peeper?1