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1/14/2021 2:16 am

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Eviloutlaw1 59M
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1/14/2021 2:17 am

Sore this morning, moving furniture out of a unit that's been "mostly" done for awhile now yesterday. I say mostly done as it still need touched up and the last minute things done in it to be fully finished. Any who the furniture was that heavy stuff, needing two to get it out, the options of doing so were to carry it down three flights of stairs, or toss it all over the rail on the back deck. We chose the latter. Easier that way. Once done I carted off the crap to the dumpsters, well the smaller and lighter stuff that is. The reclining couch I couldn't even move by myself, so I assume it's still laying in a heap in the back yard. No sense really hurting myself by trying to move it alone. Then it was off to re clean a toilet I missed some "spots" on the day before. Yeah under the rim on the bowl. Not much room under there given the relationship in distance to the sink base where they both sit. Then again one doesn't expect to find crap and the like under the rim on the outside of the bowl noting that two women were living in the unit. As it was the toilet looked a hell of a lot better after I cleaned it ( picture out house privy ) the first time then it did when I started it and better after I cleaned it the second time to be sure. Well the PM. who had come out yesterday like the ground hog from his den in February to check the place over before a prospective tenant came to look at the place didn't care for my work the first time, rightly so I guess? I screwed up. It happens. Though not often. After that I was confronted by my boss, seems there was food and such in a unit on the carpets I did and said unit being infested with roaches..the carpet clean who happened to be there yesterday doing her job called her boss to say that she would need to vacuum after she finished cleaning the carpets to get the food stuff s up and that they would need to charge extra for that job. Well the crap hit the fan PM was livid I didn't vacuum the place and they were getting an extra charge. Yeah no..I vacuumed twice in there once before the guys treated for roaches and once after to vacuum up the dead bugs. Turns out that when asked by my boss the cleaner said that Yes, the place was vacuumed, the food stuff were the result of her using the scrubber on the carpets an it pulling the stuff out of the nap that had fallen down in hardened there and had become loosened up and come off. Any vacuuming by me would not have done the job no matter how many times I did the vacuuming. I assumed as much when my boss came and asked me about doing the vacuuming, and of course he confirmed that I did indeed do it when speaking to the carpet cleaner. But to the PM it was my fault. Yeah no. I really love it when people assume stuff. It just brightens my day so much.

So, not a god day for me yesterday, then not really a bad day either? I'd say about 50-50 really. Still all in all I had a better day than The current President did. News reports of business contacts distancing from him and ending contracts so he'll be losing monies, and of course the impeachment. Some day just suck big and others just suck a little.

Off to shower now.

Eviloutlaw1 59M
3499 posts
1/14/2021 2:20 am

Have a good one people...

author51 58F
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1/14/2021 2:52 am

Sorry to hear it was not a red banner day for you Hun.I hope today is better.xoxo

WyoCowboy7751 67M
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1/14/2021 4:28 am

I have a feeling that They will make the Impeachment STICK !!! That in turn will make Him INELIGIBLE for ANY Future Election !!!

PonyGirl1965 55F
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1/14/2021 11:16 pm

The weekend will be here soon.

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